He could have been the best stunt man on horseback but he preferred the competition!!! Bosty, it’s the animal instinct, the genius of «it’s not possible but it’s going to do it anyway” and it passes! We respect him! We love it!
Roger-Yves Bost, nicknamed Bosty, born on 21 October 1965 in Paris, is no longer introduced. European Champion in Herning in 2013 with Myrtille Paulois, Olympic Team Champion in the Rio Olympics, he has participated in more than 50 Nations Cups, has been winner of numerous Grand Prix 5* among the most difficult of the planet such as Madrid, Mâlines, Mexico City, Lyon, Helsinki, Basel, Bordeaux, La Coruña,  Hickstead, Maastricht… But as it wasn’t enough, he also won the Global Champions Tour de Cannes, the Longines Paris Eiffel, the Longines Master de Paris and the final of the Global Champions Tour of Abu Dhabi. For these countless successes, he was decorated by the French state with the Palme d’or of the Academy of Sports and he is a qualified instructor.

What has been your journey since the Rio 2016 Olympic Games? And your wishes for the future?
I had a lot of good results with my two 12-year-old mares Sydney a Prince * Thirteen and sangria from Coty : I notably won the Grand Prix 5* from Madrid in 2017 with Sydney and I participated in the European Championships 2017 with Sangria from Coty. I am still in the top 25 World Championships on a regular basis and I am trying to be present on the Global Champions Tour circuit. In 2018 Sydney went to the USA: I sold it to American Katie Dinan who is trained by Beat Mandli. The only reason I accepted her leaving was to know she was going to an excellent house. I still have two 12-year-old super mares, many new horses in my stables. The goal in 2018 was to make the World Games in Tryon; this was not possible because my leading mare was not at the top of her form and so we decided to make it crystal clear. I am looking forward to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and I would like to take part in the 2024 Paris Olympics! I still have the right age and I hope
to go to Paris 2024. These are more distant goals but for Tokyo, my mare will be 14 years old and it’s still playable.
Katie Dinan is running wild about you.

Do you intend to come to the USA a little more often ?
I’m glad to hear it from Katie that’s very kind of you. Yes, I would love to do the tour of Florida, see a little how
it goes on the other side of the island, it would be a new experience.

What are your current priorities ?
In 2018, it was the World Cup from Bercy to Paris where I wanted to qualify. I had a good chance with my sangria mare from Coty. This year, I don’t have a World Cup and I could move more easily, I am three ten years old, this is the right age to make them travel.

Everything about you is a family affair. What about the kids ?
I have a son named Nicolas. He is already participating in ITCs 2 and 3*. He also rides many of my young horses and does the Darezzo tour. I also have a daughter, Clementine, who is a rider and also rides the young horses.

Do you train them ?
Yes, and Nicolas is also a teacher. He’s been coaching Benjamin Castaldi and he loves it! He has a card to play with the USA where he is very much appreciated. I give them more and more good horses but then they have to make their way, find their place and it’s not so easy with a dad going up.

Your children speak English ?
Yes, they both speak English very well; I’m more behind but I manage.

And breeding ?
We never had many breeding horses because we prefer to buy horses when they are already jumping : breeding is not easy and costs so much.Our specialty is preparing young horses for high performance.

Are you still holding contests ?
We organize CSI2*: I supervise the whole but it is mainly my wife Cyril and my brother Olivier who take care of it because I am not often there. We gather as a family, everyone works, we have a great time together.

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