Denyse Baillet : A NEW CAPTAIN
A breath of fresh air for Justworld Iinternational Europe ! Involved in various charities, including Les Petits Princes.
the lady with the big heart doesn’t stop there : President of Justworld Europe working to secure a future for children from underdevelop countries.

Your appointment as president of JustWorld Europe is very recent. Tell us ?
Maria and Jessica Newman asked me to take over the presidency of JustWorld Europe in the summer of 2018. They were in the middle of a reorganization and they thought that I could bring something, a little extra to this great association Jessica created over 15 years ago.

What are your plans, for the future of JustWorld Europe ?
We would like to flesh out the structure a little. It should be pointed out that we have only one employee, all the other people involved are volunteers, mainly women and we are few in number. JustWorld, once Jessica’s international obstacle jumper, only hit the CSO. We are gradually beginning to approach other disciplines such as polo events. For training, it’s a bit more difficult but we’re thinking about it. We choose our ambassadors with the wish to remain in elegance and respect of the horses.

Do you think the French do as much volunteering and giving as the Americans do ?
In France, a certain number of people are involved in all kinds of volunteering, but in a more discreet way; this is in our culture. Sometimes during fund-raising auctions, people try to raise prices against each other and this is for a good cause, but it is not enough. We need to go beyond and solicit and convince people to join us.

Are you looking for high-profile ambassadors like UNICEF, to promote JustWorld ?
For now, we have Olympic riders very involved : Kevin Staut, Godfather and highly motivated ambassador, has travelled to Guatemala and Cambodia; Hervé Godignon and Eric Navet joined JustWorld from the start, followed by Philippe Rozier who is always present at lappel, as well as Jean-Maurice Bonneau. Marina Hand, an actress and longtime friend of Jessica’s, accompanied Kevin Staut to Guatemala and is always ready to participate in all events. I recently asked Guillaume Canet and Jacques Bonnet to be ambassadors without any hesitation. We must not abuse the reputation of our representatives,
it must come two. Little by little, step by step, everything goes smoothly. JustWorld Europe is still young and needs financial support to exist:before you can give, you must exist.
For our volunteers, who are indispensable to the running of the association, we obtain, thanks to the generosity of certain donors, free accommodation, transportation tickets and meals. This initiative was initiated by Jessica from the beginning. Jessica comes from an affluent background and receives no salary from JustWorld and pays her own expenses.
JustWorld is committed to operating with economy and transparency.

What was the target for 2018 ?
The goal for 2018 was to reorganize, to achieve a new dynamic, to find new partners and to achieve a magnificent Gala in Deauville. This new beginning created a spontaneous momentum and an extraordinary number of young people joined JustWorld as ambassadors.

Denyse, what’s your background ?
I grew up in Maisons-Laffitte. I rode my horse in the morning in training before going to school and then to university. I used to skip the hedges occasionally, but I didn’t do horse shows. Inspired by my reading of «My Friend Flicka», my childhood dream has always been to gallop in Montana; I always look forward to that moment.I went to the United States for a long time and during that time I didn’t go up. Once back in France with my husband, we had a mare that we shared: I would ride it during the week and my husband would compete during the weekend. We started with a mare, then two and then
had a large number of horses for our children and our riders. Our 25 years of loyalty to Philippe Rozier ended up leading us to the Rio Olympics in 2016 with a gold team medal!

Tell us about your family, your livestock.
We have 3 children: two girls and one boy. Both our daughters were horsemen, but our son was not infected with the virus. Nathalie was better at dressage, but she always had a ball in her belly in a competition. Isabelle, on the other hand, was much more comfortable with the pressure. She was colder in her head, going up to win, which was often the case for the greatest happiness of her father who was coaching her. For the prize-giving, we did not find her easily: she was always with her horse to take care of it. Their mares are in our property in Normandy, a small and modest breeding ground, which goes from nursery to geriatrics. Between the mares, the Foals, the 3-year-olds, the pensioners… we have constantly twenty horses. I’m less attracted to competition than my husband,but we complement each other. I simply love animals
and am happy to give good care and a good retreat to all our horses and to see them frolic in our meadows.

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