A success born in the United States …
Brice Goguet, a specialist in American and European equestrian markets, founded Voltaire Design, sport saddles designer, in 2010. His ambition was to bring innovative answers to free the potential of each couple horse and rider. Passionate about riding, and himself a former show jumper, the French has developed tailor-made saddles, perfectly meeting the expectations of riders. Voltaire Design chose to launch in the United States, first
targeting high-level riders. Brice believed this market would generate the most interest, stating «the US market is competitive and dynamic and we already had expertise in this area. That’s why we chose the Menlo Charity Show for the launch of the brand, where our saddles immediately found great success.”

Shortly after the designer sport saddles launched, Brice and his team set up operations near Palm Beach, Florida, the heart of the winter show series in the United States. Since then, Voltaire Design has consolidated its success on the US soil by achieving more than 90% of its sales and continues
to grow more than 30% per year. The French-Touch reinvents the saddlery «We wanted to reinvent the high-end saddlery. We rely on our chain of saddle experts to design, manufacture and distribute our saddles. We also work closely with our riders to ensure our top priority is the well-being of the horse» says Brice. Voltaire Design integrates a full R & D center. Two researchers, four engineers and two saddle makers are fully dedicated
to innovation. Olivier, head saddle maker explains «In addition to having developed the lightest saddles on the market, we designed all the Voltaires with short tree points to free the shoulder of the horse. We also rethought the functionality of the billets. All Voltaire Design models come with two billets (instead of the usual 3) and they are attached independently and directly to the tree. This configuration allows additional stability and an extra close contact feel.”

These innovations were only a beginning! In 2016 the brand launches the Blue Wing saddle. First connected saddle, equipped with its SmartRideTM technology. «The intelligent tree understands how the horse’s back moves. The saddle moves with it and impacts the neurological system of the horse. In addition to relaxing the horse, this saddle is equipped with a sensor that tracks the metrics of the horse and rider workout.” The Blue Wing is also the lightest saddle ever created by Voltaire and has become a must have on the American market. The French Touch brings above innovation, a unique and elegant style. Voltaire Design wanted to create saddles in its image; chic, sporty and modern. This «sport chic» style reinvents the codes of traditional saddlery. Alliance between craftmanship and technology Due to immense growth, Voltaire Design moved into a new workspace in 2017.

The new 20,000 sqft building is home to the main office and brand new workshop. This modern workshop is equipped with advanced technology
such as the digital cutting machine. «This alliance of craftsmanship and innovation is the hallmark of our Group which has been awarded the French Living Heritage Business Label. We are looking forward to many years of growth building upon this double expertise». Proud of this French manufacturing, the brand has also opened an after sale service workshop in Florida to better service their riders. The Voltaire, the Saddle of the great
Voltaire Design’s unique style and innovative features quickly attracted some of the world’s top riders.


I’ve always been an admirer of Beezie Madden” said Brice. “I went to meet her during a show and presented her a Voltaire. I was very lucky that she agreed to try it. Since that day Beezie has ridden in a Voltaire Design saddle!


The brand has also been joined by other top riders including Oliver Townend and Shane Sweetnam. Today, a leader in the American sport saddle market, the brand is proud to be an Official Sponsor of the 2018
FEI World Equestrian Games while accompanying the most prestigious riders such as European Champion Shane Sweetnam (IRL), Rowan Willis (AUS), Diego Vivero (ECU), Ashlee Bond (ISR), Fernando Martinez Sommer (MEX), Erynn Ballard (CAN) & Juan Manuel Gallego (COL).
«To become a leader in the American market has been the recognition of our innovative know-how by the distinguished riders, the dedication of a new approach in saddlery» says Claude US Office Manager..

Steadily growing within the Americas, the brand is now expanding into European markets. This expansion includes some of the greatest equestrian nations like England and Germany.

An elite of saddle expert…
«We have extremely demanding recruitment and training criteria» explains Claude. Voltaire Design pays particular attention to each individual horse and rider to tailor each saddle for a perfect fit.

The saddle experts are selected for their extensive knowledge within the equestrian community. “ They are continuously trained by researchers and equine chiropractors to gain anatomical and ergonomic knowledge, helping to perfect the fitting process.” Voltaire Design has around thirty saddle experts in the world to advise and accompany each of their riders and their horse, even the most difficult to fit.

Enable everyone to express their potential…
The brand is committed to perfection, but above all is a human brand that is resolutely turned towards the fulfillment of all. «I founded Voltaire Design because I could not fully express my abilities. I made my personal goal the mission of the whole company, which is to enable everyone to fully express their potential.» explains Brice. This mission aims to give everyone the opportunity to grow: riders, horses, employees, partners… Voltaire Design, sport saddle designer, is also a family driven by values of fulfillment, kindness, respect and humility. Humanist values, inspiring, almost in the manner of a certain Voltaire, the French Enlightenment philosopher … ●

Website : voltairedesign.com

Photos : Voltaire Group

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