Kent Farrington : THE RETURN OF IRON MAN

Kent, after four months in Wellington and then on the most prestigious CSI5* in the world, what made you come to Dinard?
I love the Dinard competition: the setting is magnificent, the audience fantastic and the level of competition very high. This is one of my favorite contests!

Did you tour the Riviera and then Monaco and Chantilly before Dinard?
No, I didn’t go to the Riviera or Monaco because I’m normally in Spruce Meadows in the summer. Some years I do these competitions, it all depends on the dates of the CSI5* in Calgary. As for Chantilly, if the dates do not cross with those of Calgary, I am obviously following because it is a royal competition in an impressive setting. In 2018, I didn’t run the World Cup because of my broken leg. I stayed in Europe until September. Dinard
was my last competition in France before returning to the USA to prepare for the World Games in Tryon. I then always come back to France in winter for the beautiful deadline of the Longines Masters de Paris in indoor, which is also an organized contest of Master Hand and incomparable in terms of atmosphere. My last competition of the year will be the CSI5 * in Geneva, another very big European event, the must of Switzerland. This is my routine.

In 2018, you fractured your leg. How are you feeling today?
I did have a bad fracture from a fall. I was operated on and pinned. A friend of mine said, «You’re not a real athlete until you break something.» So now I’m a real athlete with metal in my body! I trained hard during my rehabilitation and I am now completely recovered. Now, every morning, I keep
going to the gym before going up or running. It’s become a habit.

Did this interruption change you psychologically?
Yes, it made me stronger, more confident in the decisions I make about what I want and don’t want to do with my career. I really realized how much I wanted to ride and love my sport. When you’re away from what you like to do for a long time, you dream about it all the time and you realize how much you miss it.

Are we expecting your return to France in the summer of 2019?
Yes, of course, I’ll be there. ●

Photo : E.Knoll

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