Enthusiastic about Christophe Ameeuw’s circuit project, Juan Carlos Capelli, Vice-President of the watch brand Longines, associated his name, creating the Longines Masters.

Why such enthusiasm for Christophe Ameeuw’s circuit project ?
Christophe has created the Longines Masters on three continents in three iconic cities: Paris, Hong Kong and New York with innovative competitions, such as the Longines Speed Challenge. This event is a race «against time» where a bar that falls represents two seconds of penalty. In a race where time is so important, Longines being a watch specialist since 1987, the question did not even arise. We had to be a partner, because running a competition «against time» is a new idea that we really liked. We also followed for the Riders Masters Cup, an original concept contested by 5 European riders against 5 American riders, and of course, on the Longines Grand Prix where the best couples in the world appear. These
events take place in an atmosphere of great spectacle with moments of solidarity through the involvement of charitable organizations. All of this in a large and lively village where restaurants and shops of all categories meet and where art also has its place. All this makes the Longines Masters a unique event!

Where does your interest in Asia come from ?
It was almost obvious. The Longines brand has been present in Asia since 1876. Equitation is a very important sport on this continent. This is one of the most progressive sports and I think Christophe Ameeuw and Longines have arrived at the right time to create the Hong Kong Longines Masters.

Do you have other projects on other continents ?
We just created the Longines Masters of New York and after this first edition, we now need to stabilize the series, sustain it, and then we will have time to think about other projects. A presence on the 3 continents is already very good, it is a great challenge.

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